Does Laser Vein Removal Hurt?

Does Laser Vein Removal Hurt?

There are many reasons you may be considering laser vein removal. Unsightly spider and varicose veins have never been so easy to treat. Patients can enjoy long-lasting benefits with a simple, in-office visit. Whatever the reason you’re considering laser vein removal, Fundamentals Med Spa has got you covered.

Thanks to the latest advancements in laser technology, we’re able to help you safely and effectively say goodbye to bothersome veins. Fundamentals Med Spa uses powerful, yet gentle Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatments to ensure an optimal outcome and a pain-free experience.

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What Is IPL?

IPL is a commonly used treatment for addressing a variety of pigmentation-related skin concerns. It’s the gold standard treatment for everything from hyperpigmentation to facial spider veins. Thermal energy targets and breaks down unwanted pigmentation within the skin while leaving surrounding tissue completely unharmed. Over time, the body naturally reabsorbs closed off veins and pigmented lesions. You’re left with a clearer, brighter complexion.

What Can I Expect from Treatment?

Treatments are generally quick, easy, and virtually painless. The combined bi-polar radio frequency and light energies of our revolutionary Elos device help keep you comfortable throughout. Unlike traditional IPL devices, Elos is able to address several different depths at once. Thanks to the addition of cooling technology, Elos can maintain optimal surface temperatures while effectively breaking down unwanted pigmentation.

One of the best things about the Elos IPL device is its ability to achieve your goals without downtime. You’ll be able to get back to most of your daily activities with minimal restrictions right after treatment. Side effects are generally mild in nature and subside on their own within several hours to several days but can include; swelling, tenderness, and redness.

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When Will I See Results?

Laser vein removal produces results that are both gradual and progressive. You’ll likely start to see initial results in about 2-weeks following your first IPL session. Continued improvement will occur over the course of several months. Facial spider veins will significantly lighten and fade revealing a younger-looking you.

Is IPL Right for Me?

IPL treatments at Fundamentals Med Spa are safe and effective for nearly anyone battling sun-damaged skin. We use the Elos IPL device to ensure maximum efficacy for all skin types, textures, and tones. Treatments are highly customizable based on your individual needs. The best way to determine what’s right for you is through an in-person consultation with one of our skincare specialists.

I would absolutely recommend Fundamentals Med Spa! Joanna and her team take a personalized interest in my skin care needs. I’ve seen amazing results! I look forward to my visits every month!


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*Individual results may vary.

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