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Waxing can produce long-term results with a simple in-spa visit. Unlike shaving that simply cuts the hair, waxing attaches to the base and removes the entire root. Routine waxing can actually make hair appear thinner and more sparse with each consecutive treatment. Fundamentals Med Spa uses the latest techniques and products to quickly remove hair with minimal discomfort or side effects.

Waxing Indianapolis

Hard Wax Vs. Soft Wax

At Fundamentals Med Spa, we’re revolutionizing the way you think about hair removal. Say goodbye to unwanted hair with minimal discomfort or side effects even in the most sensitive areas thanks to Nufree hard wax.

‘Hard wax’ isn’t technically wax at all. It’s cruelty-free and not tested on animals making your hair removal treatment one you can feel good about. At the start, Nufree procedures are very similar to that of traditional waxing. You lie down, and warm Nufree wax is applied to the treatment area.

Here’s where the magic happens. Within moments, Nufree begins to harden and solidify capturing each follicle in its grip. Unlike soft wax, Nufree does not attach to the skin itself. Hair removal is more comfortable, and there’s less chance of skin irritation afterward. Best yet? Nufree doesn’t leave any sticky residue making cleanup a breeze.

While hard wax hair removal is great for those sensitive areas like the face and bikini region, soft wax still has a place at the table. Soft wax remains the go-to solution for removing hair in larger areas like the legs, arms, back, or chest.

Wax Services We Offer

Your hair removal specialist will customize your wax treatment to help you nix unwanted hair throughout the face and body. Look and feel your best-self possible with simple waxing solutions. Your waxing options include:





Full Face -Lip, Chin, & Cheeks (No Brows)



Extended Bikini



Full Arm

1/2 Arm

Full Leg

1/2 Leg







How Long Does A Typical Treatment Take?

Hair removal with either soft wax or Nufree doesn’t take much time at all. Depending on the area being treated you can expect your waxing appointment to take 5-30 minutes. In the majority of cases, you can be in and out of the office in less than 1-hour.

What Results Can I Expect?

You can expect immediately smooth, hair-free skin. Waxing is a temporary treatment, and the length of your results will vary based on your hair’s natural growth cycle. Typically, you can expect hair regrowth within 4-6 weeks. Hair may become finer and more sparse with each consecutive wax cycle.

Is Any There Downtime?*

There isn’t any downtime needed with waxing. The treatment area may be slightly red, swollen, or tender for several hours post-waxing. Otherwise, you’re free to go about your daily routine immediately.

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