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If your skin has lost its youthful glow, or you are unhappy with the appearance of fine lines and sun spots, a Hydrafacial offers a nonsurgical solution for restoring your natural radiance. At Fundamentals Med Spa in Indianapolis, IN, our Hydrafacial treatment cleanses, exfoliates, extracts impurities, and hydrates, leaving you with healthy skin you’ll want to show off.

What Is a HydraFacial?

Many facials are performed by hand, which limits how well the treatment can penetrate the skin and how effectively impurities can be removed. The HydraFacial uses patented technology to cleanse your skin, exfoliate dead skin cells, remove impurities from your pores, and apply a rejuvenating serum to the new layer of skin revealed by the treatment.

During your HydraFacial, the aesthetician will use a wand with removable tips to complete the different steps of the facial. The standard HydraFacial takes approximately 30 minutes to complete and has three simple steps.

Step One: Cleanse

The first stage of the treatment involves deep cleansing and exfoliation. While the idea of a thorough cleansing and exfoliation may sound intense to individuals with sensitive skin, this therapy is safe for those with easily irritated skin. Exfoliation is performed using a gentle peel designed to reveal a new layer of skin without using abrasive materials or harsh chemicals.

This resurfacing will remove the dead skin cells that dull your skin’s glow. It will also open your pores and loosen the debris that has accumulated deep inside them over time. Removing the top layers of skin exposes fresh, healthier skin beneath and allows it to be nourished with peptides and antioxidants during the final step.

Step Two: Extract

During the extraction phase, the aesthetician will use the wand to vacuum impurities from your pores. Many traditional facials involve aestheticians using their fingers to squeeze and manipulate your skin to empty your pores, which can be painful and even damaging to your skin if not performed carefully.

The wand’s light suction is strong enough to remove even deeply trapped impurities without discomfort or damaging your skin. Not only does the vacuum suction of the wand clean pores more efficiently than manual extraction, but it’s also painless and faster than traditional extraction methods.

Step Three: Hydrate

Finally, your aesthetician will use the wand to apply a soothing serum to your face. The serum contains antioxidants and peptides, which will hydrate your skin and leave you glowing. At Fundamentals MedSpa, several serum options are available, enabling you to address your unique skin concerns.


There’s a reason why HydraFacials are a popular option for individuals looking to improve their skin’s condition. This treatment is quick, easy, and offers numerous benefits, including:

Frequently Asked Questions

What Results Should I Expect?

One of the numerous reasons clients love HydraFacial treatments is that it offers immediate results for most individuals. Your skin will be smooth, hydrated, and radiant after your session.

Removing dead skin and sebum build-up leaves you with radiant, fresh skin, and the nourishing serums will improve your skin’s appearance by evening your skin tone and providing hydration that leaves your skin looking supple and young. Ongoing treatments will build on previous results, and your skin’s health and appearance will keep improving as you continue to receive facials.

What Does the Treatment Feel Like?

If prior experiences with uncomfortable facials have you nervous about scheduling an appointment, you’ll be happy to hear the HydraFacial process is painless. The device, exfoliating peel, and serums are all designed to be safe for even the most sensitive skin.

Some clients describe the sensation of the treatment as similar to a gently vibrating electric toothbrush, while others say it feels more like being lightly brushed with a paintbrush. Regardless of how you choose to describe the sensation, you can be confident that you will enjoy a comfortable, pain-free treatment.

How Often Should I Receive Treatments?

Revealing and maintaining radiant skin is a marathon, not a sprint. While you’ll notice results after your first treatment, ongoing sessions will allow you to truly rejuvenate your skin and display your natural glow. Most individuals benefit from monthly treatments, but you’ll want to discuss your goals with your skincare provider to determine the ideal frequency for your skin.

Am I a Good Candidate for This Treatment?

Thanks to the gentle exfoliator used and the revolutionary wand that allows for careful impurity extraction, this treatment is a great choice for individuals looking to refine their skin. If you’re looking to minimize the appearance of fine lines, address oil and congestion issues, and even out pigmentation caused by sun damage or age, this treatment is a fantastic choice.

How Can I Maximize My Treatment Results?

There are simple lifestyle changes you can make to help preserve the results of your facial and help slow the signs of aging. Staying hydrated, eating a balanced diet, protecting yourself from harmful UV rays, and following a daily skincare routine are all actions you can take to improve your skin health and keep a gorgeous glow between facials.

What Should I Do Before Treatment?

Before your treatment, you will want to pause using certain skincare products. For at least 48 hours before your treatment, you should not use treatments such as glycolic acid or tretinoin creams. You will also need to avoid waxing, depilatories, and acne treatments containing salicylic acid.

Isotretinoin therapies such as Accutane should usually be stopped six months prior to treatment unless your care provider instructs otherwise. Tanning should be avoided for 72 hours before your session. Finally, topicals that perform any exfoliation should be discontinued for a minimum of 48 hours before your facial because your skin will be thoroughly exfoliated during the treatment, and if it is already partially exfoliated, you risk removing healthy skin.

What Should I Do After Treatment?

The same topicals you discontinued before your treatment should be avoided for a short period of time following the session to allow the serums to nourish your skin fully and avoid over-exfoliation. Additionally, the treatment will reveal new skin cells, and they will be vulnerable to sun exposure, so you’ll want to avoid tanning beds for several days. At your session, your aesthetician will go over best practices to preserve the results of your treatment.

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